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Welcome to Blargle

Welcome to Blargle, the next generation.

I apologise that it hasn't had a lot of content. I just, havent been bothered. It's just a means to show my HTML and PHP Coding Skills and "flair" for design more than anything.

Frankly I feel so disillusioned with computer programming at the moment, I need that spark back, as I get home and feel like I want to slash my wrists than look at some HTML coding. But when I get annoyed, I get out UltraEdit 32 and poke around. I swear Im going to create Blargle and the world, and Blargleify all my websites.

Please do check out my Blog, my Photos, my memories of Hall Green Junior School, the Ringtones I have made and the information about myself.


This is written in mainly HTML and CSS with a PHP/MySQL interface to retrieve content and button settings from a database. The great thing is, unlike some people who call themselves "Web Developers" you can turn off style sheets, and the page will still be readable! How shiznaz is that!

I guess Im sort of going for my own "Web 1.75", Minimalist+.